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Chinese professional electrical insulators factory with 2 glass natural gas kiln production lines to ensure stable output. We have supplied power transmission electric insulators and comprehensive solutions to more than 90 countries and regions around the world.

Who We Are?
Nooa Electric Co.,Ltd. - Chinese professional electrical insulators manufacturer with 21+ experience, covering an area of 70,000 square meters, and construction area is 50,000 square meters. There are more than 200 employees, including 25 technicians. The production capacity 3500000 pieces per year, and now setting up the new kiln and lines up to 10500000 pieces per year. We have been specialized in research and development of latest high-strength functional glass and power transmission insulators, which is the qualified supplier for State Grid Corporation of China And Southern State Grid Corporation Of China, and is a participating unit of product standard formulation of the national electrical insulator standard committee.

What We Have?

Main Electric Insulators : Standard-type glass insulator (u70/u120/u160/u210/u300) , antipollution-type glass insulators (u120bp/u160bsp/u210bp), aerodynamic type glass electrical insulators (ug70bsa/u100bsa/u120bla), multi-umbrella type electric insulators, ground-wires type glass power line insulators (u70cn/u100cn/u120c), post insulator for line, pin glass insulator. Electric insulators are mainly used for transmission line insulation, suspension, support, tension conductors. They are divided into 5 major series: The standard type glass insulator 40-550kn, filth-resistant type glass insulators 70-420kn, aerodynamic type glass electrical insulators 120-300kn, multi-umbrella type electric insulators 120-300kn, and ground circuit type high voltage insulators, able to be used for line voltage from 10kv~1000kv.

why choose us

We have won the trust and support of our customers with excellent product quality, reasonable product prices, and satisfactory sales services.
  • high voltage isolators,egg type insulator,U240BP
    High voltage & ultra high voltage glass insulators original factory owns patent to produce glass shells.
  • composite tension insulator,electrical ceramic insulator,U100BSA
    A complete range of electric insulators: Glass Insulators, Porcelain Insulators and Composite Insulators 
  • U300BP1,anti fog type disc insulators,110kv insulator
    High quality & low self-explosion rate, any third party inspection before delivery is available, INTERTEK, SGS, BV, etc.
Porcelain Station Post Insulator,Porcelain Railway Insulator,Glass Disc Insulator
Glass Disc Insulator,Composite Railway Insulator,Porcelain Station Post Insulator
Glass Disc Insulator,Glass Pin Insulator,Porcelain Stay and Shackle Insulator


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