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Outdoor Insulator, Electrical Insulator, U70BSA, U300BA

Glass Insulator - Open Air Type Insulator-U70BSA to U300BA

glass insulator ( glass electrical insulator, high voltage glass insulator, glass power line insulator) is a device primarily used in electrical and telecommunication systems to support and separate electrical conductors from their surrounding environment. it is typically made from glass materials that have high resistance to electrical current, allowing them to prevent the flow of electricity between conductors and the structures they are mounted on.the main purpose of a glass insulator is to maintain the integrity and safety of electrical and telecommunication lines. by providing a barrier between the conductors and the structures (such as utility poles or towers), glass insulators prevent leakage of current, arcing, and short-circuits that could occur if the conductors came into direct contact with the supporting structures.

Standard Glass Insulator-U40 to U550B

Fog Type Insulator-U70BLP to U420BP

Anti pollution Type Insulator-U70BLP to U300BP

Open Air Type Insulator-U70BSA to U300BA

OUTERIB Insulator-70KN to 550KN

D.C Dics Insulator-U160BPDC to U550BPDC

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